Acrylic surfaces are made of high quality synthetic resin available in a wide variety of colours.

The surface can only be applied to an even asphalt concrete base. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

The main advantage of the acrylic surface is its relatively low installation cost. Its disadvantages include low wear resistance as well as poor damage and abrasion resistance. 

Purpose Surface characteristics Bases
  • tennis (in particular)
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • handball
  • skateparks
  • multipurpose sports fields
  • seamless
  • providing very good ball bounce
  • weather resistant
  • not reflecting light and sunrays
  • available in a wide selection of colours
  • having multiple uses
  • maintenance free
  • asphalt concrete with a smooth, even surface and a closed structure.

Safety of use

The field's safety depends on its proper use i.e. keeping it clean, wearing appropriate shoes, keeping heavy objects away from the surface so as not to put too much load on it. All the materials used for its installation should have certificates and attestations to demonstrate their quality and conformity with safety regulations.

Surface maintenance

Acrylic sports fields do not require maintenance. Keeping a field clean (removing dirt and other impurities) is enough to fully enjoy using it.