Replacing used synthetic surface

Even the most modern sports facilities are destroyed over time, lose their functional and visual parameters, and may be unsafe to participants. Often, maintenance is not enough, and it is necessary to replace the entire synthetic surface.

When the polyurethane surface has numerous holes and cracks, and the granulate crushes, which affects not only the comfort of the game, but also its safety - it is necessary to replace. The first stage is breaking the old polyurethane surface and its utilization. If necessary, losses in the foundation are filled. Then a new polyurethane surface is installed along with painting the line.

Talking of synthetic grass: the grass fibres lose their vertical position, infill displaces and compacts, the water permeability is getting worse and mechanical damages appear (holes, cracks). In this case, the first step is to remove the infill (sand and / or rubber granulate). Our company has specialized equipment from the German company SMG, allowing effective removal of the infill from the synthetic surface, which allows for later re-use. Then, old, artificial grass is dismantled. The next step is to check and (if needed) repair the base, and then install a new synthetic surface. At this point, it is worth paying attention to the aspect of environmental protection - due to the high utilization costs, many companies decide to transport the old surface into places not intended for this purpose. Gardenia Sport has a contract signed with a waste management company, thanks to it, working with us, you can be sure that the old surface won’t cause environmental damage.

If you are interested in replacing the surface, please contact our office.