Surface maintenance

As a result of rainfalls, snowfalls, falling leaves, moss growth and intensive use, synthetic turf surfaces may gradually cover with impurities which can prove difficult to remove without special equipment.

We provide professional maintenance services. At our disposal we have top quality machines performing all the necessary cleaning and maintenance. The machines collect dirt from the surfaces. First they pick up the infill, clean it and transfer it to a special container. Then the infill is ready to be reapplied onto the surface. The procedure helps to avoid accidental removal of the infill. Finally, the infill is evenly spread back onto the surface and the turf fibers are straightened.


In addition to outsourced professional maintenance, sports fields need constant attention and care. Such basic maintenance does not require special equipment and can easily be carried out by field users. Only regular maintenance increases the life span of sports facilities and enhances the safety parameters of games. Both synthetic turf and polyurethane surfaces benefit from routine maintenance.

Basic synthetic turf maintenance procedures include:

  • brushing the field in all directions (both along and across). A rake should not be used to perform this procedure, as it might damage the surface. The procedure should be carried out at least once a month.
  • regular control of the amount of infill in the surface. Leveling of the infill should be conducted at least once a month during the first six months following the installation of the surface.
  • checking for compaction of the infill which should be conducted every sports season.
  • de-compaction of monofilament fiber turf which should be carried out every sports season.
  • systematic control of grass condition. Even minor defects such as peeling off lines or torn fragments of the surface should be repaired immediately.
  • regular removal of debris such as fallen leaves, etc.

Instruction manual for synthetic turf fields users:

Basic maintenance procedures for polyurethane surfaces include:

  • cleaning with a vacuum cleaning machine using a mixture of water and washing-up liquid or carpet cleaner. The use of caustic and bleaching substances is forbidden. The procedure should be performed at least once a year.
  • regular sweeping with a brush. Brushes with hard bristle, however, such as scrub brushes, should not be used.
  • systematically checking the condition of a polyurethane surface. Any minor mechanical damage to the surface should be immediately repaired.

Instruction manual for the users of fields with polyurethane surfaces:

Sample maintenance schedule: