Publication of the 1st edition of the "(In)Capable Client's Guide"
Tomasz Bernat's television appearance on TV Biznes channel
Sponsorship of a concert of a Polish rock band Myslovitz in Międzyrzec Podlaski
A banner displaying our company's advertisement during a Lech Poznań vs. Udinese match 
Help for the Animals' Friends Association AZYL
A press note in a newspaper Gazeta Piaseczyńska about the sports field in Piaseczno
A press note in a daily newspaper Echo Dnia about the opening of a sports field that we constructed in Smyków commune
A press note in a weekly newspaper Tygodnik Ciechanowski about a sports field in Żuromin.  
A report in a newspaper Tygodnik Tucholski on the final acceptance of a sports field in Kiełpno and Legbąd.
In an article in a national daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita Tomasz Bernat talks about the future of sports fields.