pilka tenisowa

Main rules of the game:

Tennis tournaments take place either on outdoor courts or in sports halls. Tennis can be played on various surfaces: dirt (the most popular in Poland), grass, concrete or synthetic. The score in tennis is determined by the best two or three sets. In order to win a set, a player needs to win six or seven games. Different rules apply to the Grand Slam and the Davis Cup in which the last set is played until one player is two games ahead of the other. In a game the first point scored has a value of 15, the second 30, the third 40, and the fourth ends the play unless there is a deuce (40-40). If so, "advantage scoring" is applied.

The tie-break is played to seven points or until one of the players wins two points in a row. Tennis is played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The tennis court is 23.77 m long and 8.23 or 10.97 m wide (for singles or doubles respectively). The lines that mark the boundaries of the tennis court are 5 cm wide and are part of the court. A serve must be delivered into the service area, i.e. a rectangle measuring 6.40x4.12 m. After a powerful serve the ball can reach a speed in excess of 200 km/h.



The height of the net is 91.5 cm in the centre and 1.06 m at the posts placed 91.5 cm away from the sidelines.

The ball should be 6.35-6.67 cm in diameter and weigh between 56.7 and 58.5 g. Dropped on a concrete surface from a height of 2.54 m, it must bounce to a height of 134.62-147.32 cm.

The tennis racquet is made up of a frame and strings which should have the same tension in all places. The overall length of the frame including the handle cannot exceed 73.66 cm and its width should not exceed 31.75 cm.